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  • Business Transformation: Action Plan to Get Your Business Back on Track

    Feb 24, 2023This article tells you more about red flags and ways to keep your business on top.

    As a business owner, even if you are used to the good old tools and principles, your business needs to change over time and adapt to the ever-evolving market and technology. For example, if a business is experiencing stagnant growth, declining profits, increased competition, or outdated technology, it may signify that a transformation is necessary. […]

  • Mobile UX: 10 Best Practices That Will Help You Improve App User Experience

    Jan 20, 2023This article will help you understand everything about mobile UX and how to improve App user experience with 10 best practices.

    We live in a digital world, and the number of mobile app downloads worldwide has constantly been increasing from 2016 onward, surpassing 200 billion in 2019. In the most recently measured year, consumers downloaded 255 billion mobile apps to their connected devices, up by more than 80 percent from 140.7 billion app downloads in 2016. […]

  • UX Audit: Complete Guide to Improving Your Product’s User Experience

    Dec 23, 2022Remember, there's always room for improvement, so this is where a professional UX audit can be essential.

    Any business that has an app or website might need occasional tweaking, including keeping a close eye on the conversion rate.  First, ask yourself – are your interface, software, and content achieving goals? How easy can your visitors find the content? Are they converting?  You are not the only one meeting these challenges. Every business […]

  • Outsourcing & Outstaffing in 2023: Benefits, Myths and Study Finds

    Dec 09, 2022Global changes, such as the Covid-19 pandemic and technological progress, have significantly impacted the world's technological landscape.

    Global changes, such as the Covid-19 pandemic and technological progress, have significantly impacted the world’s technological landscape. So the IT industry, in general, and especially outsourcing and outstuffing software providers, constantly monitor and respond to these changes, and our company it’s not an exception.  Accordingly, the satisfaction of companies from cooperation is growing, which generates […]

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