Other industries

Other industries

Our team of the most reliable experts focused on UI/UX design and development, including full support for startups, small and medium-sized businesses in various industries.

We believe in great partnerships and unique ideas, In various business industries. Due to our price structure’s advantage, our clients save big by hiring dedicated specialists from us.

We created more than 50 clients and 4 in-house successful and profitable projects in various business sectors and industries. B2B, Beauty Industry, SaaS, Travel & Leisure, Software Industry, and many others.

We know that a lot of people prefer brands that know what their customer wants. Instead of being another faceless company, we can help you personalize your business to better connect with your customers by developing a better user experience personalized to your audience’s needs. That also helps persuades people to come back to your platform.

For us, every project begins with a clear strategy of work, based on a combination of best solutions and your unique needs and ideas.

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Our services

Benj Financial

A comprehensive branding for the startup, called Benj Financial. A bright and clear logo was designed for an eye-catching website.
An informative brand book with a clear message to anyone wanting to learn more about the product.


A complete brand design was orchestrated. The goal was to create a unique, simple, yet user-friendly brand representation.
The design team has made it super easy for anyone, even outside of the native market, to understand the message.


Application concept design and development for clothing shop. It was made super fashionable, simple, and attractive to customers.
The ROPA app developed using React Native for iOS and Android.


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